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Discounted Membership

There are two ways to access the discounted membership rates.

1. Download and use the free ScienceProject desktop program to access the website.

2. Access the website by typing in the address bar of your browser.

Warning: If you use one of the above access methods and join as a discounted member, you must continue to use the same method every time you access the website. In other words your membership account will not be accessible if you click on a search link to access the website.

Discounted membership is only available to students and teachers (Not parents and Groups).

Access to the Free Project Guides

All paid members have access to sponsored projects in addition to the projects they have paid for; however, if you like to try before paying any membership fee, you can download and use the free ScienceProject Desktop Program.

When you log in using the Desktop Program, you will be able to apply for trial membership and then access the sponsored project guides. Don't worry. You can always upgrade your membership if you choose to do so.

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