We try to make our projects educational and interesting. The contents of projects are getting more detailed and descriptive as our members submit their questions.
Following pictures are selected from our experimental projects.
Students are often required to follow a scientific method on every step of their projects. They are also required to make a report and a display. All new projects that we include on the site includes a description about the steps of the experiment. As members ask questions, we will add hypothesis, variables, conclusion and other sections that are needed for the report.


Buoyancy related projects are often based on the real application of this science.
Above experiment shows how you can make an egg to sink, float or submerge.
Project# EP003

Starch is an important part of our daily diet. Do we know it's properties and it's effect on our body? What about industrial applications of starch.
Project# PX055
Let Enzymes and helpful microbes work for you.
There are thousands of products in the market today that bacteria and enzymes have been used in their production. Picture in the left shows the experiment of producing carbon dioxide with a biological method.

Project# IB035

Projects related to useful application of bacteria, Enzymes and other organic material are relatively easy to perform and can be used for different grades.
Making a model of our Solar System is a good way to understand and get a feeling of our world. Although we can not easily make a scaled model of our Solar System, we offer information and calculations in case you decide to do so.
Experiment and learn about Electricity and Electrical Circuits.
You have choice of easy or very complex project topics.
Yogurt is a tangy, nutritionally excellent dairy product that can be made at home. It can also make a good ScienceProject for primary up to senior levels. At primary level it is a general food making experience and at higher levels the chemistry of yogurt will be researched.
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